January… is Over

Anders Lee

Let’s see if I remember how to do this… Well, i know it’s been a (very) long time since I have posted anything, but I am sure it has not been too much of a disruption for anyone’s life. It turns out that having a full time “real” job can slow down/halt any blogging someone might do, especially compared to “Looking for jobs while blogging/living on my sister’s couch”. BIG SHOUTOUT by the way, to the person who has been checking this blog every month for the last two+ years since I posted. You deserve a beer my friend.

Since I have last posted, a lot has happened for Notre Dame sports. I am not really going to delve into that, because frankly, it’s all old, been done, and it’s old enough that it bores me.

BUT, I will recap this past January. It takes two words. It SUCKED. That was the most brutal month I can remember. The football team laid an absolute egg in Miami, basketball managed to lose some games it should have won, and played horrible against Georgetown at home. Like football against Bama horrible. Oh, and hockey, who had managed to lose 4 total games between october and Christmas (14-4-0 at the winter break), contrived to go 1-6-1 in January. You didn’t misread that, it is quite frankly appalling, abysmal, absurd, and assonant. January was terrible.

However, February is come. Time to move on. Five stages of January Grief are over for football/Manti/hockey/basketball (1. Denial – Notre Dame didn’t really lose to Alabama, the refs lost it for us in the first quarter/Manti would never lie to us/Bowling Green’s not a state… so that doesn’t actually count as a loss, right?/SERIOUSLY? 2. Anger – ALABAMA GRAYSHIRTS AND THAT IS CHEATING/DEADSPIN IS A BUNCH OF TERRIBLE PEOPLE/CAN ANYONE STOP A @!$#!@%#@% PUCK?/RUTGERS?!?!?! 3. Bargaining – Seriously, I would give up my first born for a National Championship/I would give up my first born for Manti’s happiness/I have all of my teeth, I will gladly donate one to ND Hockey if it means SOMEONE CAN STOP A PUCK FROM GOING IN THE NET/I will give my arm if it means ND can shoot 30% from 3. 4 – Depression – We will lose all of our recruits for football/Manti will never get drafted/At least the NHL lockout is over/the NIT is still a trophy, why try for any of the others? 5. Acceptance – Our students graduate/Manti is a better person than the rest of us/Tynan will be back next year/NIT!).

What a weekend! Firstly, and most importantly, Irish hockey swept the skunkbears of michigan for the second time this season. This is huge. It’s the first time ND has gone 4-0 in regular season hockey against that team since 72-73. A BIG DEAL. Ancillary to that… the Badgers of Wisconsin managed to troll/beat the Skunkbears in Basketball. They let Michigan think they had won and then… NOPE.

A second big deal, ND beat Lousiville in 50T. For those of you not familiar with the “World wide leader in sports”‘s bottom line, that has how they shorthand FIVE OVERTIMES!!! ZOMG SPORTSCENTER!!! NUMBERSIGNS EVERYHWERE!!! (Seriously, what’s up with all the #s floating around?).

And then, on a more hypothetical/metaphysical note, Notre Dame signed an awesome recruiting class for football. Whoo. I still think the recruiting process is terrible, but it is what is. Metaphysical in the sense that it’s a championship within the existing football championship (and Bama won both of them).

Anyways, I will have more on this fantastic weekend forthcoming. At the moment I am too happy to do any sort of detailed analysis of what happened.

As far as the blog is concerned moving forwards, I will update it when I get the chance. Or I feel like it. These things are hard to do when you have a full-time job and such.

What I’m listening to now: (if you know me, you know Music is like my favorite thing) Nothing new, but replaying Them Crooked Vultures. Hopefully, there will be a second album sometime soon.


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