What a difference two weeks can make

Sorry folks that I haven’t been posting very much lately. I have had a lot of things going on, including travelling over 2500 miles cross country and moving. Turns out I have not that much stuff, but enough stuff that it’s a pain to move.

Anyways, after Tulsa, I never thought we would be going into tonights game with those people being bowl eligible. In fact i had given us no chance of beating Utah. Of course we hoped we would, but I would never have bet anything that we would have. I thought Utah was going to smoke us. The reason they didn’t I think comes down to three things.
1) Utah overrated. They had barely beaten Pitt in overtime and no one else. There is a reason TCU shellacked them.
2) Bye week really helped a fatigued and injured ND team. It also helped get Tommy Rees mentally ready to start.
3) The defense is starting to figure it out. The defense has really looked good the last two weeks.

I think what happened after the game shows how desperatley ND needed this win. The students rushing the field was more of an expression of relief and joy than triumph over beating Utah. The win was what was important, not who it was over.

Then there was the Army game. Which showed how this coaching staff is able to adapt its gameplan to contain Army’s triple option. After thei first drive, Army’s option attack reminded me of ND’s offense in 2007. Good job to our coaches.



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