Good Coaches Sometimes Have Bad First Seasons

I know a lot of us are very upset about the way the football team has performed this season. This has lead to many of us questioning the decision of the administration to hire Brian Kelly. I however, feel these feelings are more about 17 years of hurt that hasn’t stopped yet. This is only made worse by the culture of instant gratification we live in. College sports is different from pro sports. You can’t just change rosters or bring in key players in a season. It takes time to change a culture of a program, and for the program to take on the attitude and image of its coach.

Brain Kelly is not the first coach to struggle in his first year at a new program. There are lots of challenges being a new coach, especially with a program that is trying to reattain levels of former glory. They have to change whatever negative aspects of the program that are left over from the previous regime and install their own method. Plenty of coaches who went on to be very succesful struggled in their first year with a new program.

Lou Holtz: 1st Season at ND 5-6
Bobby Bowden: 1st Season at Florida State 5-6
Frank Beamer: 1st Season at Virginia Tech 2-9
Nick Saban: 1st season at Alabama 6-6 (includes loss to Louisiana Monroe)
Pete Carroll: 1st season at USC 6-6
Jim Harbaugh: 1st season at Stanford 4-8 (includes loss to that 3-9 Notre Dame team)
Gary Patterson: 1st season at TCU 6-6
Bob Stoops: 1st season at Oklahoma 7-5
Joe Paterno: 1st season at Penn State 5-5

So everyone needs to calm the fire BK talk and the “I hope we lose so BK gets fired faster” movement needs to end. If we fire BK this season, do you think any coach would want to come here? We don’t want a coaching carousel.


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