Who Hasn’t Been Hurt?

Everyone knows that the Irish team has struggled this season.  It has been rather pathetic and disheartening to watch.  Notre Dame is definitely in a rebuilding year.  However, all of the issues that normally accompany a coaching change have been compounded by ND’s injuries.

Most of the skill players on offense have spent time on the sideline and the safeties have been dvestated by injury.  Not to mention the injuries that the linebacker corps has just started receiving.  And perhaps the biggest loss of all, that many people are unaware of, is Ian Williams, the starting nose tackle.  His loss will really be a big one for this team.

Here is a list of all the players who have been hurt this year:

Armando Allen (out for season, not confirmed though)
Michael Floyd
Kyle Rudolph (out for season)
Theo Riddick
Dayne Crist (out for season)
For those of you keeping score at home thats all of the starting skill players on offense except T.J. Jones.
Dan Wenger (out for season)
Tyler Dever
Jamorris Slaughter
Dan McCarthy
Carlo Calabrse
Ian Williams (out for season)
Steve Paskorz
Anthony MacDonald
Prince Shembo

That is a lot of injured players. I am not trying to make excuses for how poorly this team has played this season, because the have, by trying to show how a lot of things have gone against them. NBC has a more in-depth look at whats going on with injuries. I doubt there is any team in the country that has had to deal with these injuries. I think Michigan and Tulsa games would have been wins if Crist had played the whole time.

Now the question is why are these injuries hapening? Is it something to do with the trainers/training being provided to the players by the staff, bad luck, or something in the playing style that is causing these injuries? Hopefully it is mostly bad luck and we don’t see this ever again.


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