Navy – What went wrong

I know this game happened a very long time ago, but I have finally been able to come to grips with what happened against Navy. First thing that needs to be said is, there is no reason for this team to have lost that badly to Navy. So why did it happen? I am not an expert but here are the reasons I have been able to come up with for why the team played so poorly.

Poor planning on the defensive side of the ball. It seemed as though the team didn’t have a clue how to go about stopping Navy. This is a problem I lay squarely at the feet of the coaching staff. You cannot have a team not ready to go defensively against Navy. Its Navy. They run the triple option. Inexcusable. However, this is the first game so far this season that was the defense’s fault, and it wasn’t entirely their fault.

Offensive Inconsistency I have no problems with the playcalling in this game. However, this offense is so inconsistent. They sometimes look like no one can stop them. At others they look like they might be better off punting on first down. These guys need to get it together. Seriously.

Effort The main difference between these two teams was the effort Navy put into this game compared to the Irish players. Navy wanted to win. You could see it on their faces. Notre Dame, it seemed, couldn’t be bothered. It was a fun trip for them at the end of fall break. This is unacceptable carry over from the previous regime. If Kelly is going to be succesful he is going to have to change the attitude that losing is an ok outcome.


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