Irish Lose to Tulsa

Somehow, Notre Dame contrived to lose a very winnable game.  The defense played well, and could really only be held accountable for 13 of the points Tulsa scored.  That being said, they failed to stop them when it mattered most.  However, I feel the reason this game was lost rests solely with the offense and special teams.

The special teams was directly responsible for 9 of Tulsa’s points.  A blocked extra point is unacceptable.  A blocked Extra Point that gets returned for two by the opponent is unconscionable, especially considering that the final margin was 1 pt. Halloween surely had a freaky effect on our team as Ben Turk, who had been leading the nation in net Punting heading into the game, had a punt returned for a touchdown. Come on guys, get it together. The offense is also responsible for the interception return. The players should have been aware of what was going on and either engaged the defender who blocked the pass, or been smart enough to make sure the ball wasn’t intercepted and then not returned.

That brings us to the offense. The offense was terrible. Now it may seem a bit harsh to blame an offense for underperforming when its starting QB gets hurt in the second series, but lets face it, it shouldn’t have mattered. Yes Tommy Rees looked good. But Tulas is no. 120 out of 120 in pass defense in the nation. It’s not like he was throwing against the Jets. My problem with the the offense was the inability to run the ball. I don’t understand how our line can be so ineffective at run blocking. However, when the offensive line did succeed in establishing run blocking the backs missed the hole. One glaring mistake was Wood’s failure to wait for a pulling Robinson to block the Tulsa Linebacker. If he waits it’s a big play. Instead, by bypassing the block he makes Robinson’s effort wasted and gets nowhere near the first down. Poor decision.


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