Brian Kelly’s Mistake

BK has had his ups and downs so far this season.  From the failure to prepare against Navy, to the fake field goal against MSU, he has made mistakes that have cost us games. However, he made a mistake last saturday agianst Tulsa that is inexcusable. Of course I am referring to the decision to have Tommy Rees throw to the end zone at the end of the game. It was intercepted. Game over.

Reasons why this was a bad decision:
1. True freshman quarterback. Next to no experience and not ready to make such a touch pass in that kind of situation.
2. Rees lacks the armstrength to make that thrown consistently.
3. Rees had to throw the ball into the wind. Just compounds issues of no. 2.
4. We had the ball on the nineteen, thats a 36 yard field goal for the win. Ruffer has not missed this season and has drilled them from fifty.
5. It was second down, no need to panic.
6. Your team desperately needs a win in any shape or form. They have just been crushed by Navy, a student assistant has just passed away, and the starting qb went down injured. Kelly took away from his team the chance to make all of that better with a win.

It was a terrible decision that cost us the game, probably a bowl bid, and may have seriously damaged Tommy Rees’ self confidence. Seriously poor judgement by BK.


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